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15 months!!

No, we did not fall off the face of the planet! haha And nothing tragic has happened with Brax, just super busy. We did just finish moving though (ugh, what a pain!), so we’ve been extra busy on top of all our normal appointments. ¬†No, I have no idea what I was thinking either! Nevertheless, time continues to pass and lo and behold Braxton has made it to 15 months old! Yayy kiddo. ūüôā

15 Months

Silly faces at the doctor’s office for his 15 month checkup.


Oh gosh, so where do I begin? Ah, yes, his hands….well Braxton is indeed pretty happy about having his hands free. ¬†They’ve just about healed up very nicely. ¬†The stitches are still slightly visible, but will continue to dissolve on their own. ¬†You can barely see the scar along his fingers, and as he grows I doubt you’ll be able to see it at all. The graft is definitely still the most visible, but it’s healing nicely as well. I’m very pleased with the surgeon’s work. Braxton is doing so well though using his hands without any issues. ¬†Weight bearing is awesome! He continues to work very hard on crawling. ¬†Braxton has actually gotten pretty good at crawling backwards [that IS the first step!] and even pivoting around while moving back. ¬†He can pretty much get where he wants to go and can even get himself back into a sitting position [takes a little work, but he can do it!]. This past week he even crawled a few “steps” FORWARD! Ahhhh, he’s so close! I know as soon as he can go forward, there’s no stopping him. I’m certain of it.

Hmm..oh the eye doctor! We did follow up with our ophthalmologist about Braxton crossing his eyes. ¬†Of course, he did not do it in office, but this does somewhat reassure the doc that it isn’t something that needs immediate attention or glasses. ¬†She said that unless we start noticing one eye crossing more than the other or the eyes “shaking” or moving outward that Brax would probably grow out of it and he’s just trying to focus on something. If he does start doing one of those we’ll discuss patching or possibly glasses.

And most recently, we checked in with his regular pediatrician for his 15-month check-up. ¬†Lil man is now 23 pounds and 5 ounces and 30.5 inches tall!! He’s actually not all that little anymore! That’s a big boy! Poor baby had to get 3 shots, but took ’em like a champ and then passed out haha We will be going to get a hip x-ray soon and are being referred to an orthopedic doctor just to get a baseline hip & spine measure and rule out anything like hip dysplasia which would hinder Braxton’s walking abilities and other movement. ¬†No one is overly concerned about that at this point, but it’s better to get it checked now than waiting until it’s too late.

Overall, we’ve had a pretty good couple of weeks. ¬†The move went well [loving the new house!], Braxton is feeling better, he’s doing better, he’s babbling more and making more sounds, he’s moving more….it seems as though the sickness is finally all out of him. Now, we just need to get him back to eating! As always, thank you for reading!


[I promise not to make you wait 2 weeks for another blog entry again either!]

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Beyond Frustrating!

I swear, when it rains, it pours for Brax. ūüė¶

We have his first Post-Op follow-up for his hand surgery tomorrow and they will change his bandages for him.  Follow-up again next week to change bandages, and then once more the following week to finally take the bandages off.

Monday, we went to see GI about Brax’s recent increased feeding difficulties and got nothing but bad news it seems. ¬†With all the coughing and vomiting GI is now concerned that Braxton has reflux. ¬†We started Brax on an acid blocker a couple days before surgery last week to see if that would help stop the vomiting and help heal the esophagus which has likely had some erosion from vomiting. ¬†The dr said that sometimes after an illness like Pneumonia, we can develop gastroparesis where the stomach has problems emptying properly due to the illness. ¬†Monday we followed-up on that and not sure if the medicine helped, or decreasing the speed of his feeds had more to do with it. ¬†The doctor decided to go ahead and switch Brax over to Pediasure Peptide which is a formula that digests a little easier so that his stomach empties faster to address the possibility of gastroparesis. ¬†He also decided Brax needs to have a Gastric Emptying Scan which is a study that will basically x-ray Brax’s stomach while he digests his formula over the course of about 2 hours. ¬†This will help to tell us if Brax is definitely having issues digesting food properly. The cure? Surgery. Ugh. The doctor also had us revert back to using the feeding pump for Brax’s G-Tube instead of feeding by mouth. ¬†He wants us to still offer his bottle and food just so he knows he needs to keep doing it and doesn’t develop a complete aversion to eating/drinking by mouth. ¬†He was doing so well before he got sick, now we have all this. It sucks. ¬†I was able to go ahead and the Gastric Emptying Scan scheduled at the end of next week. Our Medical Supply company got us a new shipment of the new formula. And we are continuing the acid blocker and the slower feeds using the feeding pump.

Great! Right? No. Today Brax threw up two of his feeds at daycare. ¬†I was going to try and keep him home while he was recovering from surgery, but those plans fell through and I had to take him to daycare. ¬†Extreme mommy guilt set in. Then, the physical therapist called me to tell me he threw up a majority of his feeding and she was concerned. ¬†Since this has been an issue I decided to let him stay and just slow the feeding pump down even more for the next feed. ¬†Welp, right on schedule 4 hours later daycare was calling that he’d just thrown up the entire feed again. Worst mommy of the year goes to?? This is one of those days I wish I didn’t have to work out of the home. Medicine, new formula, slower feeds and he is STILL throwing up! What gives?!? Left a message for GI Dr, but of course no word just yet. ¬†I’ll be calling all morning until I get a hold of someone. ¬†Now that we are home, Brax has just been somewhat fussy and grumpy. His afternoon feed is finishing up and he fell asleep so we’ll see if he can keep this one down, plus this evening as well. ¬†Also scheduled an appointment with the pediatrician in the morning because his cough is not getting better and I pulled a bunch of green stuff out of his tummy. Sinus Infection maybe? Ohhh I dunno, at this point I’m just overwhelmed and frustrated.

Tuesday, we also saw the ophthalmologist because I’ve noticed Braxton’s eyes crossing intermittently throughout the day and I wasn’t sure if it was anything she needed to look at. ¬†Of course, we get to the office and his eyes don’t cross once! Thankfully, I did happen to have a picture on my phone and she said he was definitely crossing. There are 2 different kinds of crossing. There is one where glasses would be needed to correct it, and another where it just happens occasionally but kids usually grow out of. ¬†To test we have to do a refraction test, so dr gave us some eye drops that we are to use a couple days prior to seeing her and the drops actually bring out the crossing if it’s the one that needs glasses to correct. ¬†Lovely, my child may have glasses annnnddd hearing aids =/ I’ll love him no matter what and he’ll always be the cutest kid I know ūüėČ But, people suck and are just not raised right anymore and just stare at him, but that’s another post entirely…we’ll go back in a few weeks once his hand situation is taken care of to see what’s going on with his eyes.

I think that’s everything. Confused? So are we. =/

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