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Moving Right Along

Have I mentioned how amazing Braxton is?! OK, sure, I’m just a tad biased, but this little boy continues to amaze us all each and every day.  Since we’ve had his hearing aids back from repair, he has been so much more vocal! He’s just “talking” up a storm now! It’s the cutest thing.  All of our therapies alternate between seeing him at home and seeing him at daycare.  I’m so thankful that they have been very flexible with us, and even more grateful for their continued perseverance with Braxton.  He has truly turned a corner and taken off in a way I never thought possible.

Since I work during the day, I communicate with all of the therapists via e-mail, texts and phone calls. Yay for modern technology! When Joseph is home, he fills me in on how the visits went, but I still stay in close contact with everyone.  I want to be sure Braxton stays on track and that we are doing all that we can at home to ensure his success.  They can’t accomplish all the goals simply by seeing him twice a week, there is lots of practicing and reinforcing throughout the week.  I’m glad his daycare is so instrumental in this as well.  Everyone in our lives has done all they can to help Braxton succeed, and he’s doing just that.

This week, his Occupational Therapist sent me a message mid-session because she was so excited that Braxton was playing with a toy piano using BOTH hands together and he even clapped a few times in a row without being prompted!! So AWESOME!! We’ve been working on clapping, bringing his hands together, trying to bring two toys together, and so far, he won’t do it.  We can prompt him or hold him at his elbows to make his hands clap and he laughs and laughs, but won’t do it on his own.  So for him to do it at all was a HUGE deal!

Today, his Speech Therapist called me after their session excited that he was very vocal with her today.  (It always happens that he shows off his vocal skills for everyone except the ONE person who NEEDS to see them…sheesh) But today, he talked to me in the car the ENTIRE way to daycare.  It’s about a 30 minute drive from home, so it was so nice to babble back and forth with him on the ride.  I was afraid he’d be all talked out for his session, but he wasn’t. 🙂 She told me that he talked almost the entire session for her.  He was very attentive to the books she had and since he was babbling “ba” over and over, they worked on the animal sound for Sheep.  It took a little bit for him to repeat it when prompted instead of saying it just because, but eventually he did it! A few weeks ago he even attempted to imitate a lion “roar” and our therapist sent me the pics above from that session! OH, and how could I forget! She said she walked in to daycare and he had his back to her so she called his name and he immediately turned around, recognized her voice, and smiled as he crawled over to her! At 19 months, Braxton still doesn’t really know his name or consistently turn to it when called, so moments like this are golden.

Our monthly supervisor visit for Physical Therapy is on Monday, and I look forward to a message from that visit too.  Braxton is quite the charmer when MEP comes to visit. hehe

Sometimes,  I feel guilty for working outside the home and not being instrumental in these sessions, but our therapists do such a wonderful job of keeping me in the loop and I do all I can to reinforce everything at home, so it’s like I’m not missing out at all. I love receiving pictures, texts and phone calls from everyone.   I’m grateful everyday knowing that we started therapies almost immediately once Braxton was home from the NICU. On paper, they all said the prognosis for Braxton seemed very bleak. Upon meeting him, they were all hopeful he could at least be helped. And now, they too are amazed by our little man and all of the progress that he’s made.  A teacher once told me, “The only limits you have, are the ones you put on yourself.” Braxton certainly seems to understand that his success is truly without limits.  I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

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