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When it rains, it pours

Yes, I’ve said it before, and no, it won’t be the last time either.  We had an extremely busy morning today.  Braxton woke up today with green gunk draining from his ears =/ Thankfully, we already had an appointment with his pediatrician scheduled at 8am.

Turns out Braxton has a double ear infection [his first since he had his tubes placed in April] and a sinus infection. That explains all the green junk from his ears and in his tummy yesterday.  More antibiotics to help the sinus infection and ear drops for the ear infection. Poor kid. I swear we’ve been in the pediatrician’s office at least every other week for him.  He’s been on more antibiotics than I care to mention.  And with the ear drainage we can’t put his hearing aids on. 😦 We’ve got to let his ear have air and let it drain and heal before we can use them again. Terrible setback.

After the pediatrician’s office we headed over to the Hand Surgeon’s office for Braxton’s post-op visit and bandage change.  Stupid mom forgot to give him pain medicine before we got there. I have NO idea why I didn’t think about it before we got there. But my heart just broke and I kicked myself once he started screaming and wouldn’t stop.  He was happy when the bandages came off, but once they started cleaning the site and putting on fresh bandages he started crying uncontrollably and it just tore me up.  PA said the surgery site looks good and is healing well.  The skin graft looks ok too. The stitches were still in place and she said they’d dissolve on their own. But oh my goodness! The Dr told me the site was small and only about half an inch, that graft is definitely NOT small! Braxton has a 2 inch gash on his arm right now. Sure, once he’s older you won’t even notice it, but for now his little arm looks terrible 😦 It took a good while for me to be able to calm him down. He cried off and on the whole way home.

Once I got home I gave him his pain medicine, went ahead and gave the first dose of antibiotic, and put the ear drops in. Even still, it was a good 20 minutes before I got him to really calm down.  I hung out with him for a minute before I had to head out to work and take him to daycare :/ He had a pretty good day though. I called to check on him a few times and when I picked up they said he had a pretty good day. No vomiting today (yayyyy) and he was actually pretty happy and laughing and smiling with the teachers and the other kids.  I can’t say enough nice things about our daycare. I love them all and I’m so grateful they are so good with Braxton. They all love him so much and take good care of him.

Now if we could only get this storm to pass, everything would be wonderful again.  I sure hope these meds kick in quick!


Brax finally resting after a long day. Poor kiddo.

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What’s been happening

Well, that took entirely too much time to set up! I should have started this months ago!! Well, you have an update and everything that’s been going on and where we stand with all the doctors.  Just a little more about the past month or so…

Most recently, Braxton was in the hospital for pneumonia and croup. 4 day hospital stay…not fun! He’s been a pretty noisy breather since birth and seems to ALWAYS be congested and has a never-ending cough.  Well, I started noticing the cough getting worse and then he started running a fever.  Then, he just didn’t seem like himself at all. Just lethargic and cranky.  Took him in to the pediatrician and she did a CBC and his white blood count was elevated which showed the likelihood of something bacterial instead of just a virus, so she gave Brax a shot of Rocephin (a pretty powerful antibiotic) and told us to follow-up in the morning.  She said it was pneumonia and sent us for a chest x-ray to be sure.  We hadn’t even left the parking lot and the Imaging place had already called the doc to confirm.

We went in the next morning and Brax didn’t seem any better.  So she gave him another Rocephin shot and sent us home with a script for an oral antibiotic to start the next day.  Later that day, I just didn’t feel like the shots had done him any good.  He was still just very sleepy and not wanting to eat or anything, so I called to see if I should be worried.  I mean, I know this is pneumonia and no shot is going to make him be ok within hours, but I thought I should at least have seen SOME improvement and I hadn’t.  Sure enough, doc agreed and said to take him up to Dell Children’s ER and see if he needed to be admitted.  He was admitted, mostly because I told them he was having problems keeping feeds down and they didn’t want him dehydrated so wanted to keep him overnight.  Well, overnight turned into 4 days.  His fever spiked up to 103.8 a couple times and he had several breathing treatments and oral steroids.  Finally, his fever broke and he started coughing less and even kept his food down.  They let us go home.  He’s been ok since then at home.  Just about back to his normal smiling self.  He still just doesn’t really seem to want to eat though.  In fact, I think his stomach shrunk since he hadn’t been eating well the past few weeks.  We’ve had to step back down on his feeds to work him back up to his full feeds. Ugh..it’s never ending I tell you!

Hospital Pics…. even in a purple hospital gown, he’s gotta be the most adorable baby ever! 🙂


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