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The Liebster Award

So, I’ve been on hiatus for some unknown reason.  I have plenty to write about, just haven’t sat down to write I suppose.  Anywho, I actually received TWO nominations for the Liebster Award from fellow bloggers! And I decided that accepting the nominations and passing them on would be a good icebreaker (“don’t call it a comeback!” kudos if you get that)  😉 First, thank you to I can say mama and Still Playing School for nominations and your great questions! I really am touched when I receive awards from fellow bloggers and a real sense of knowing that others actually read what I write! Wooo! Plus, it makes me seem like a “real person” with my own life haha

Liebster Award

Alright, so here are the rules:

1. Answer 11 questions posed by the blogger bestowing the honor
2. Post 11 random facts about yourself
3. Pass the award along to 11 additional fellow bloggers
4. Pose a set of 11 questions to those bloggers

So, you get 22 answers since I’ll answer questions from both bloggers, but then you get 11 of everything else! haha (mostly because I’m not sure I can come up with 22 things about myself anyone really would care to know and 22 questions for anyone else to answer just isn’t fair!)

First, the questions from I can say mama:

1. Which is the first song on your playlist? Currently, it’s “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman – tearjerking father/daughter song! Helped DJ a sweet 16 yesterday, and that was the father/daughter song we had to download at the last minute.
2. Do you like to shop online or do you prefer to shop “offline”? Definitely “offline” for clothes. Anytime I buy clothes online I’m disappointed. I really need to be able to try them on. I do some online shopping for kids toys and stuff, but not much.
3. Are you a talented singer? Sadly, no. I wish I was though! Then I could be on “The Voice” and have Adam Levine and Usher fight over me! *swoon*

Tell me that's not every girls dream to have Adam or Usher turn around with a sign that says "I want you"

Tell me that’s not every girls dream to have Adam or Usher turn around with a sign that says “I want you”

4. Do you like sports? If so, what do you enjoy watching or doing the most? Yes! I LOVVVVEEE college football!! A true Texas Alumni – love my Longhorns. \\m// Hook ’em Horns!
5. Who is your favourite actor/actress and why? I have to go with Denzel Washington. There isn’t a movie of his I’ve seen that I didn’t love. He is such a great actor!
6. Which is your favourite drink? I’m addicted to Dr. Pepper!!
7. Are you superstitious? Eh, I’d have to say that I can be at times.  I used to be much worse, but I’ve “grown up” so to speak and realize a lot of it was just nonsense. (Don’t tell my grandma!)
8. Name something you are really bad at. Anything requiring musical talent.  I can’t carry a tune to save my life and I wish I could play an instrument, but all I’m good for is “Are You Sleeping” on the piano :/
9. Name something you are really good at. Writing! 🙂
10. What is your favourite thing about blogging? I love the sense of community! I love reading other blogs and forming relationships through the comments and sharing stories.  You really get to “know” people and have a genuine interest in what they have to say. It’s great.
11. What is your worst habit? Procrastination. Always has been. I wait until the absolute last minute for everything. Although, I have gotten a little bit better since Braxton came along. I really do stay on top of things to make sure he has everything he needs and all the appointments are squared away.

And now the questions from Still Playing School:

1.  How/why did you start blogging? It really was mostly to keep friends and family informed of Braxton’s progress. I got tired of making 15 phone calls answering all the same questions. Since we all are online, I felt it was easiest to just put the info out there for them to read.  It’s really turned in to much more than that. It’s like therapy for me now. I write through my emotions and frustrations. I’ve “met” some other awesome mommy bloggers and built a new little community/support group for myself
2.  Do you have any pets? We have a boxer/bulldog mix, Roxanne, but she stays with my mother-in-law for now. Our landlord didn’t allow dogs when we moved, so she’s crashing with grandma.

Totally not posed. She's the best dog ever.

Totally not posed. She’s the best dog ever.

3.  What’s the best book you’ve ever read? Eeeek! I don’t read a whole lot anymore.  I used to devour books, but since I had to read so many for school, I never really found the time to read for fun.  I did read the “Hunger Games” series and really enjoyed those.  Not sure about “best,” but that’s the most recent!
4.  What is one thing you will never reconsider or change about yourself? Hmmm…..I’d have to say the fact that I voice my opinion.  I’m very straightforward and will speak up when needed.  Especially when it comes to my kids.  I will always, always advocate for them and make sure they know mom will stand up for them.
5.  If you are in a relationship, how did you meet your significant other? We met through a mutual friend. The 3 of us all went out to dinner and you’d never know there was a 3rd person there. Joseph and I hit it off right from the start 🙂

One of my fave pics of Joseph and I <3

One of my fave pics of Joseph and I ❤

6.  If you read my blog, how did you find it? I started following after you commented on a post on our blog!
7.  Which celebrity do you loathe? The Kardashians! Ugh, seriously, why are they even famous?! I don’t understand!
8.  What are your weekend plans? Oops, it’s the end of the weekend, but this weekend we hung out with the kiddos, DJ’ed for a Sweet 16 and visited my in-laws today.
9.  What did you eat for breakfast? I’m really not a breakfast person, so didn’t eat anything until lunchtime.
10.  When do you think you’re were happiest in your life, so far? Oh man, that’s tough.  I think every day brings new happiness and joy in my life.  There are always ups and downs throughout life, but you can always find happiness.  I still think the best days of my life are ahead of me 🙂
11.  What inspires you? Cliche as it may sound, my kids. I love how much they teach me about life and myself each and every day.  The obstacles they face and continue to overcome truly inspires me.

*whew* ok that wasn’t so bad.

11 Facts about me

1. I am addicted to Target. I swear, no matter what I go there for, I can’t get out for less than $100!

Happens every time!

Happens every time!

2. I had Lasik eye surgery about 4 years ago.  I couldn’t see much of anything, and “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone” haha jk But in all seriousness, I really can see well now.

3. 90’s- early 2000’s music is my guilty pleasure.

4. Especially 90’s- early 2000’s boy bands. Can’t get enough of N’SYNC, Backstreet Boys, O-Town…etc Yes, I still know every word and sign my heart out. In my car. With the windows up.

5. I eat wayyyy too much. Seriously! I feel like we’re always eating. As I sit here and eat this slice of delicious pizza. At 11pm! Yikes! I’m surprised I don’t weigh about 300 pounds. Keeping up with the kids keeps most of the weight at bay, I think.

6. I dabble in Graphic Design. I wish I had time to take some more classes, but I think I do alright! I designed the header for our blog 😉 I’ve also done invitations, business cards, graduation inserts…different things, mostly for family and friends. You need anything? hehe

7. I’m also addicted to Dr. Pepper! I know, I know it’s terrible for me (on top of eating pizza at 11pm) I assure you though, the kids do NOT eat as bad as I do, nor do they drink soda! Plus, if Dr. Pepper is the worst thing I’m addicted too, I think I’m doin alright

8. I should be sleeping. I find myself staying up later and later to watch “real” TV (a 6 year old is in charge of it until she goes to bed) or blog or do whatever else needs to be done for the next day (Braxton’s blend, laundry, etc) or just sit around and unwind

9. My least favorite chore is a tie between laundry and dishes.  Seriously, why is there no fold button on the dryer!

10. My Pinterest is full of funny e-cards, cheesy quotes, inspirational sayings and other things of the sort.  I know other moms are busy posting recipes and cool projects for their kids, but I’m just there for laughs haha (with the occasional pin of a cool craft for the kids I may or may not ever get around to do doing)

11. On that note, I don’t think “Pinterest Mom” really exists.  All the pictures of perfectly crafted delicious looking cupcakes and super cute crafts were in no way done by real moms with real kids hanging off their hip…there’s just no way!

11 Questions for the Bloggers I nominate

  1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
  2. What TV Show is your guilty pleasure?
  3. What song/genre of music is your guilty pleasure?
  4. Money is no object, what would be your ideal vacation?
  5. What is your favorite movie? Ok, Ok, top 3 favorites?
  6. Describe your life with a movie title!
  7. What hobbies do you have (aside from blogging!)?
  8. What talent do you wish you had?
  9. If you could be a superhero, who would you be? Why?
  10. If you had a chance to have your own reality show, what would it be about?
  11. What’s the worst job you ever had?

And finally, the blogs I nominate for the Liebster Award! [Some that I want to nominate have already received it previously, sooo may be less than 11]

Jaxson’s Journey

God’s Mercy Displayed

All That Hath Life

Coconut Speak

Baker Adventures

Heart of Hope

Uncommon Sense

Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Momma

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One Lovely Blog Award

one-lovely-blog-awardWoot, woot!! Fellow mommy blogger, Alana nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award!”  Alana’s son, Silas, is a fellow tubie and she has a great blog on her son’s journey as well as her personal one….yikes! I can barely keep up with one!! She also has a book about the first 5 years of their journey together…and she thinks *I’m* the SuperMom? Joseph keeps telling me I should write a book, and maybe one day I’ll get around to that, but for now you should check out Alana’s book and follow her blog! And a very big thank you to Alana for following our story and the nomination!

In order to accept this award, I must give you seven random facts about myself and then nominate seven other bloggers for the award.  I have a terrible habit of getting all sappy and inspirational when I give random facts, so I’ll try my best to just give you ‘facts’! Here goes:

Here I am when I decide to remind myself that being a mom doesn't mean you have to be 'frumpy' :)

Here I am when I decide to remind myself that being a mom doesn’t mean you have to be ‘frumpy’ 🙂

1. I am double jointed in my hands.  It’s pretty creepy looking and I hate showing it.  From time to time, I’ll just be going about my business trying to reach for something and my finger will just lock up on me so I look like I’m randomly throwing gang signs.  Lovely, huh? And, an illustration…

Ugh, I'm like the crypt keeper!

Ugh, I’m like the crypt keeper!

2. I have never, ever been on an airplane! Shocking, I know, want to know something more shocking? See number 3…

3. I have never been out of the state of Texas!! Well…..that’s only partially true.  In high school, my JROTC Drill Team attended Nationals in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy, we rode in a charter bus, so I got to pass through a few states and see a few things in Colorado besides the Air Force Academy, but other than that I’ve never been out of Texas.  Crap…wait, one more thing. When I was younger my family visited Mexico a few times, but it was just across the border and I was so young I hardly remember any of it, so that doesn’t really count huh? [I’m wayyyyy overdue for a vacation!]

4. I have so many totally and completely irrational fears.  I’m not talking about not waking up one day.  You know Braxton loves to sit at the patio door and stare out of the window into the backyard.  Sooo, we keep the shades up so he can actually look out the window.  Well, at night as I’m in and out of the kitchen, I pass by that door and think “what if one day, there was someone sitting there just staring back at me?” *shudders* Sure, the chances of this happening are probably slim to none, but for some strange reason I think it – every. single. day! I immediately rush over and shut the blinds. This is just one of many. Maybe one day I’ll share the others.

It would be so creepy to see someone staring back at me.

It would be so creepy to see someone staring back at me.

5. I have an extremely diverse taste in music.  I’m really a music lover.  I listen to Country, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Latin Pop, Tejano, Motown, Alternative, Soft Rock….you get the idea.  Just depends on my mood. I love a good beat and good lyrics.  Give me a song that tells a story and I’m hooked.  And forgive me a moment as I morph in to my parents….I just don’t understand some of the ‘music’ today – what is this noise? I’d much rather listen to a 90’s genre station instead of most of what’s on the radio today. [I’m much too young to sound that old]

6. I’m a huge nerd. I love nerd humor, I love to read anything and everything. If I don’t know something, I immediately research everything I can about it so if it ever comes up again I can say I know what I’m talking about.  I have a really strange way of remembering a whole lot of completely random tidbits of information and can spout them back at any given time.  Yes, I enjoyed watching Jeopardy as a kid. No, I could not go and win the jackpot 😦

Yes, yes, I did!

Yes, yes, I did!

7. I become way too emotionally invested in TV Shows.  Sadly, I cried through many Teen Mom (the original cast) shows. And I was genuinely sad when the original cast ended their run.  When I get in to a show, sometimes I feel like it happened in real life.  One of my roommates passed on her unhealthy obsession with One Tree Hill to me, and I was so mad when the show ended.  And I’d always get mad at Dan for ruining all the chances Nathan gave him! I’m currently obsessed with New Girl. I wish Jess was my best friend in real life, we’d totally get along.  Schmidt is hilarious, and while he would definitely get on my nerves, I’d love to have him around for a good laugh!

*Whew* I made it through without getting all transcendental on you! I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me. And now…it’s time for me to pass on the torch! I follow a lot of mommy bloggers, and though I may not say much I have these all bookmarked and read them often! I hope you take the time to visit some of these and show them some love too!

[In no particular order]

Made Meaningful – This blog is written by the Pastor of our Church and his wife about their daughter Kennady.  When she was born, a doctor literally wrote in his notes on her that she “had no chance at a meaningful life.” Kennady is now 11 years old and her life definitely has meaning.  Take that, doctor!

Bloom Where You’re Planted – Fellow Texas mommy shares her story as a special needs momma in such a beautiful way and reminds us that we may not be where we wanted to be, but we have a chance to be beautiful and matter right where we were placed.

Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Momma – Shelley is an amazing mother with such a kind soul. Her willingness to pay it forward through her experience inspires me to do the same.

God’s Mercy Displayed – Another admin of the Texas Mommies of Miracles group on facebook. She shares her story about her wonderful family and how God is ever present in their lives.

Uncommon Sense – Dana Neider shares her story with plenty of humor and sarcasm.  I absolutely love reading every one of her posts! She has a real gift for putting in to words exactly what so many mothers feel, but can’t find the words to fully express.

Time Spent Waiting – A friend of mine also on a journey to finding a diagnosis and fellow tubie momma.  I encourage you to visit her blog and follow her along their diagnostic journey.

Heart of Hope – A touching blog about a beautiful little girl living with a congenital heart defect.  She recently had surgery with some complications, but she seems to be recovering well now! Her momma has been so diligent in keeping up with updates despite their challenges.  You can never have too many prayers, so I ask you to keep Hope and her family in your prayers as Hope continues to get stronger and hopefully returns home soon.

I hope you all know how much I admire you and your stories!

The rules: If you choose to participate in the One Lovely Blog award, please leave a link to your reply in my comments section.  What the heck do you do now? Thank your nominator by mentioning her in your post and including a link. Copy the One Lovely Blogger picture. Give seven random facts about yourself.  Nominate seven other bloggers.  Let the bloggers KNOW you nominated them.  Come back and include a link to your post in my comments!

Good luck with all of your precious children, and I look forward to getting to know you better!


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