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Why Braxton’s Dad Rocks

Day in and day out, Joseph proves to be an awesome father to Braxton and his sister.  He doesn’t always get the credit he deserves, but we are so grateful and appreciate everything he does for us!

So, In honor of Father’s Day, here are just a few of the countless reasons why Braxton’s Dad rocks!

1. Braxton’s smile is never bigger than when he is with his Daddy.

Braxton with Dad

2. Dad isn’t afraid to get down and let Braxton “wrestle” him to the ground.

3. Bath time is always more fun with Dad.

Bath Time

4. Dad sings all kinds of silly songs to Braxton all day long.

5. Dad makes super cool airplane noises when feeding Braxton.

6. The love of music is deep inside both of them.

Music with Dad


7. Dad takes Braxton to school when he is home, so that mom can sleep a little bit extra.

8. Walking with Dad is the best.


9. Dad will do anything (no matter how silly he looks) just to make Braxton laugh.

10. Dad always finds the coolest toys!


11. Dad, without fail, makes sure Braxton gets plenty of fluids via g-tube.

12. Dad pushes Braxton around in his toy cars over and over because Braxton loves it.

13. Dad is a diaper changing ninja!

14. Dad is always full of fun, love, and laughter!

15. There is no love greater than the love Joseph has for Braxton.



There are many, many other reasons why Braxton’s dad is amazing, but I don’t think we have enough space to host them all here on WordPress.  😉

Happy Fathers Day to all of the amazing fathers out there!

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Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Laughter

I know the idea behind Wordless Wednesday is to show a picture that “speaks for itself,” but this video of Braxton totally counts too, right?

Braxton is pretty much always wordless, but you can always count on him to make you smile without having to say a single word…


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Super Saturday

Rarely do I post twice in one day, but today has been amazing! Braxton tried to WALK today!! And he played catch with me!!

He’s been taking a few steps holding our hands, but today he walked about 20 feet with me!! We caught him a little bit later on video:

So incredibly exciting!

And if that wasn’t enough, Braxton sat with me for a good 30 minutes rolling a ball back and forth. He just laughed and laughed the entire time! Dad caught us playing a little bit:


Moments like these are so incredibly precious to me.  For a long time, we thought moments like this would never happen, so to finally see such progress is so amazing.


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Moments We Live For

As a parent, it’s usually a constant battle to get your kids to get along, but in the rare moments that they do, it’s absolute heart-warming bliss! The moments may be far and few between, but I know that every parent lives for these moments and carry them with us always.  Aileen and Braxton are just now truly beginning to interact with one another and it’s so awesome to finally get to see that.  Braxton’s developmental delay is about 4-5 months and with his hearing loss he isn’t speaking very much at all so when big sister tries to talk to him or play with him he doesn’t react all the time.  In the last couple of weeks he’s responding to her much better.  Aileen can play with a toy with him or make silly noises and he’ll just laugh and laugh…truly the sweetest sound ever. And now that he’s crawling she can really get down and play with him and let him chase her around. So fun!

The kids and Me

Mommy and her two little loves ❤

Last night was one of those fortunate nights.  🙂 I had the kids in my bedroom watching a movie before bed, Aileen and Braxton were just in their own little world.  At one point Aileen had Braxton COMPLETELY busting up in laughter. Thank goodness for technology! Gone are the days you have to hunt down a video camera and by the time you find it the moment has passed…whipped out my phone and captured several videos of Aileen getting Braxton to laugh. Good belly laughs too! Edited them together for a video that’s sure to put a smile on your face!!

Enjoy! 😀

And then they fell asleep…

Sleepy Heads

Worn out after playing together

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Follow-Up Visits

Busy, busy week around here! Wednesday we went for a follow-up for Braxton’s hands.  Doctor said everything is healing very well! They changed the bandages and put him in dry bandages for us to change daily.  Yikes! Bandages are much less invasive so Braxton is a bit happier to not have them so thick.  Last visit, Braxton screamed and cried the entire time. This time I remembered to give him some pain medicine and he was in his normal happy mood! Yayyy mom! Monday we follow-up again and hopefully the bandages come off completely.

We also followed-up with the audiologist for Brax’s hearing aids on Thursday. Well, dad did. Dad thought the appointment was at 12 instead of 1 so when I left work to meet them he was already calling to tell me they were finished! Dad said the audiologist changed the tubing on one of the aids because it was falling out and other than that she said just to call as he grows and the ear molds need to be changed. We finally put them back in for him once ear drainage from the infection stopped, and he’s been doing well with them.

As usual here are some pics 🙂 OH, and a video! Braxton was in a silly mood and just laughing like crazy with daddy.


For more info on the hearing aids, please see this post.

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