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Surgery Day

I have to admit….this 10:30 am check in for the hospital was pretty strange. I felt like we were late the whole way here! We normally have to check in at 6:30 am! I’m definitely thankful for the couple extra hours of sleep.

We arrived at 10:00 am and had the fastest check-in in the history of check-ins! We were checked in, registered, and in a room by 10:15 am. The nurse took vitals and got all the paperwork started for us. Braxton was starting to get a little cranky so dad took him to find one of the little tikes cars they have and pushed him around in the hallway.

The boys played while we waited for quite a while for all of the doctors to arrive.

Once everyone got there, we spoke with each one individually about what to expect today. We were able to address our concerns with the anesthesiologist about his new RTS diagnosis and risks of anesthesia associated with that. Braxton has not had any issues with previous anesthesia events, but I wanted to be sure they knew exactly what to look for. One of his doctors called me herself and voiced her concerns about Braxton being put under, and she told me that normally she recommends an overnight stay for observation in children with multiple medical issues. Since he has not had issues before, she said she will leave the decision up to the anesthesiologist. We are prepared for an overnight stay, but hoping for a late afternoon release. We did learn that Braxton his having a new type of anesthesia since he is having a circumcision. In addition to the gas he will be receiving, he is also getting a shot in his low back to numb his groin area for 4-6 hours to help curb any discomfort even when he wakes up after the procedure. He’s never had this before, so that’s the worrisome part for me this time. He will have 4 procedures today and I’m not totally sure how long he will be under.

Just before noon, the nurses took Braxton back to the operating room to get everything started. This part never gets any easier.

See you soon, little man.

See you soon, little man.

UPDATE: 1:30 pm – Just spoke with the ophthalmologist. The first procedure is done. She attempted the probing and irrigation of his tear ducts again and if the ducts were big enough, the silicone stents would be put in. She reported that Braxton was doing well and she was able to probe and irrigate the tear ducts successfully. This time she was able to use a few larger probes than the first time when only the smallest would even insert in to the tear duct. She also told me that when they irrigated, that the fluid DID drain through the nose, so that tells us that his tear ducts ARE in tact. There was also a “pop” sound that indicates they were able to push through a blockage. Unfortunately, she was not able to place the stent. It kept running in to a hard spot which is possibly hard tissue or his nasal bone. Hopefully being able to irrigate completely will be enough to help Braxton clear his eyes up. If not, the next step is Jone’s tubes which are the glass tubes I wrote about previously. That would be another couple years away, if it is necessary. The urologist is now beginning the circumcision. Will report back when we get the next update.

UPDATE: 2:08 pm – And just like that, Procedure #2 is done. Spoke with the Urologist and she was able to do the circumcision without any issues. Recovery will be a couple of weeks and some other precautions for a little longer than that. We’ll follow up with her office in a month. Braxton is still doing well under the anesthesia. She said the anesthesiologist is fairly confident that Braxton will not need to stay overnight. *whew* They are getting ready to start the ABR now to check his hearing and see if the hearing loss is better, worse or the same. This part can take up to 2 hours, so update in a few!

UPDATE: 3:35pm Braxton just finished with his ABR. We met with the Audiologist who performed the test and she reported that there was a slight decrease in his hearing. :/ This kinda bums me out. He really seems to be hearing better when he is not wearing his hearing aids, so I was hopeful it had gotten better. He may need a slight adjustment on his hearing aids now, but we will follow up with his ENT and Audiologist later to be sure. He should be finishing up with the final part of today which is a CT scan of the inner ear to check for any structural abnormalities that would effect his hearing or speech. Hopefully our next update will be from the recovery room after we’ve seen him.

UPDATE: 4:33 pm Braxton is done for today. We are in a recover room waiting for him to fully wake up before we can go home.


UPDATE: 7:27 pm – We are finally home! Braxton is feeling a little more like himself and having some spurts of energy here and there.  When we arrived, a special gift was waiting for us in our mailbox.  Tinysuperheroes is an organization who sends superhero capes to children with various medical conditions to help empower them and make them feel like the superhero they are inside! Braxton received a cape today! He’s sure to make a speedy recovery now that he can officially channel his superhero powers. Fitting ending to a hectic day.

Even super heroes need their rest.

Even super heroes need their rest.


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Gastric Emptying Scan

Friday, we went for a Gastric Emptying Scan at Dell Children’s Hospital Imaging Center. What the heck is that, right? My thoughts exactly, well now I know! We arrived at 8 to register and fill out paperwork. Braxton had to stop all fluids by midnight the night before so his tummy would be completely empty for the test.

At about 8:30 they took us back to the Nuclear Medicine room to prepare.  Braxton was strapped down to a small board with some velcro straps. Wasn’t as bad as it sounds.  The test was to take about an hour and a half so they had to make sure he would stay still.  They used Braxton’s regular formula (Pediasure peptide) and added a special radioactive contrast.  Braxton was given 3 ounces of formula mixed with the contrast pretty quickly.  They moved the table to start the procedure. Above and below the table were x-ray tablets that would scan his tummy constantly throughout the hour and a half.  The purpose of the scan is to monitor the amount of fluid in Braxton’s stomach over the course of an hour. The x-ray every minute helped the radiologist to see if his stomach had emptied out the fluid that was put in.  The images were then to be sent to his Dr so he could determine if Braxton was having issues emptying his stomach properly. If so, that would explain the vomiting due to volume in his stomach.  If not, well, I’m really not sure what happens if not. I’ll have to call and talk to the nurse or doctor next week once he’s had a chance to review the results of the test.

After about an hour of scanning they radiologist determined it was ok to stop the test since it appeared that he’d emptied over 50% of the volume they put in. She then took a few extra pictures of his chest to see if any of the fluid had entered the esophagus which would prove whether or not he has reflux. Brax slept for about the first 30 minutes of the test, but once he was awake we talked and played with him and just tried to keep him still for the remainder of the test. He was such a champ through it all. He started to fuss a little the last few minutes of the test, but overall he was great throughout the test.

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Home…Safe and Sound

After we spoke with the audiologist we were taken to the recovery room to see Brax.  The nurses were still waking him up from the anesthesia and monitoring his vitals.  As we sat there with him and holding him we managed to get a few smiles out of him even though he was still pretty groggy.  His hands are completely bandaged, and he can’t do anything with them. That means no weight bearing so there goes all the crawling progress =/ Maybe it won’t set him back too far.  His cough was still pretty bad and the nurses said they were able to suction out a lot of mucous from his chest while he was under, so hopefully that helps him.  We stayed in the recovery room for about 30 minutes then got moved to another room to prep for discharge.

In the second room they continued to monitor his vitals, but he was pretty much awake and just laughing and smiling away with us.  We put his hearing aids back in and he was just happy as could be.  His vital signs remained consistent so they took him off the monitors.  We gave him about 2 ounces of pedialyte just to see if he’d keep it down.  After about 10 minutes, they went ahead and took the IV out since he kept the pedialyte down.  We were given our discharge instructions and they finally let us go home.  Overall, everything happened much faster than anticipated.  I thought we were gonna be there forever!  We were released with a medication for Brax so we picked that up on the way home.

Now, we are finally home and Braxton is resting safe and sound. 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes!

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What’s been happening

Well, that took entirely too much time to set up! I should have started this months ago!! Well, you have an update and everything that’s been going on and where we stand with all the doctors.  Just a little more about the past month or so…

Most recently, Braxton was in the hospital for pneumonia and croup. 4 day hospital stay…not fun! He’s been a pretty noisy breather since birth and seems to ALWAYS be congested and has a never-ending cough.  Well, I started noticing the cough getting worse and then he started running a fever.  Then, he just didn’t seem like himself at all. Just lethargic and cranky.  Took him in to the pediatrician and she did a CBC and his white blood count was elevated which showed the likelihood of something bacterial instead of just a virus, so she gave Brax a shot of Rocephin (a pretty powerful antibiotic) and told us to follow-up in the morning.  She said it was pneumonia and sent us for a chest x-ray to be sure.  We hadn’t even left the parking lot and the Imaging place had already called the doc to confirm.

We went in the next morning and Brax didn’t seem any better.  So she gave him another Rocephin shot and sent us home with a script for an oral antibiotic to start the next day.  Later that day, I just didn’t feel like the shots had done him any good.  He was still just very sleepy and not wanting to eat or anything, so I called to see if I should be worried.  I mean, I know this is pneumonia and no shot is going to make him be ok within hours, but I thought I should at least have seen SOME improvement and I hadn’t.  Sure enough, doc agreed and said to take him up to Dell Children’s ER and see if he needed to be admitted.  He was admitted, mostly because I told them he was having problems keeping feeds down and they didn’t want him dehydrated so wanted to keep him overnight.  Well, overnight turned into 4 days.  His fever spiked up to 103.8 a couple times and he had several breathing treatments and oral steroids.  Finally, his fever broke and he started coughing less and even kept his food down.  They let us go home.  He’s been ok since then at home.  Just about back to his normal smiling self.  He still just doesn’t really seem to want to eat though.  In fact, I think his stomach shrunk since he hadn’t been eating well the past few weeks.  We’ve had to step back down on his feeds to work him back up to his full feeds. Ugh..it’s never ending I tell you!

Hospital Pics…. even in a purple hospital gown, he’s gotta be the most adorable baby ever! 🙂


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