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Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Ok, so no lions, or tigers, or bears 😦 But, ENT, Ortho, and Corn Starch, Oh My didn’t have quite the same ring to it. Busy week around here. Already filled you in on the GI appt, but yesterday we saw the ENT and an Orthopedic specialist.

The ENT visit was just a follow-up to check on Braxton’s ear tubes. He’s had one ear infection since having them placed in April, but no big deal there. Doc said unless it becomes one every couple of weeks there is no concern. As for the sinuses, the Doctor said that at this point going in and probing them really wouldn’t help Braxton. Yes, they *could* do it, but since Braxton’s sinuses are still pretty small there would be very little benefit and having to put him under to do it really isn’t worth it. He also mentioned removing Braxton’s adenoids to help the congestion, but that’s also not truly necessary at this point. With everything else Brax has going on, especially feeding wise, fixing one problem could actually create an even bigger problem. So no additional surgery. Yay.

We also had our first visit with an Orthopedic Specialist to basically get a baseline for his hip and spine. Back in August when Braxton had pneumonia, the chest x-ray noted mild scoliosis. His pediatrician felt it was also necessary to check his hips to rule out hip dysplasia or other issues.  The hip x-ray did note  some delayed developmental hip dysplasia, but really all that means is that right now one side is not as developed as the other. As for the scoliosis, the Ortho did say it was mild for Brax. About a 16 degree curve, but unless it gets to 50 degrees there isn’t anything they would do for it. He recommended in the future for us to maybe do a CT scan to get a better look at the spine to see if any of the vertebrae are not fully formed or fused together, but he’s not concerned with that for now. Basically, for both his hips or spine if either progresses we’d look into splinting or braces before surgery. This also means there is no reason for Braxton to not be able to walk and continue to progress developmentally. Yay, more good news! Definitely one of our better days, appointment wise 🙂

And finally, the corn starch. Who knew?! So far the corn starch has been GREAT!! We’ve increased Braxton to 8 ounce feeds, 4 times a day and have been able to run his feeding pump fast enough to finish the feed in 30 minutes. We have NOT been able to do that in MONTHS!! I am sooo thankful this is working. We are continuing to slowly speed up the pump and eventually take him off of it again.  The periactin doesn’t seem to have kicked his appetite into gear yet, but I know it’s a process. Trying little by little to feed Braxton by mouth and get him back to eating table foods.

So, it’s been a very busy, but overall, a GREAT week for Braxton! We. Are. Thrilled!

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