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Happy Easter, from all of us!

Since sister’s blog got the Easter preparation blog, Braxton can have the Easter day blog and it will be cross-posted over there 🙂 Be sure to check out the preparation blog to see our fun times filling eggs with candy and dying eggs with Kool-Aid! Sis did a fantastic job!!

As Braxton gets older, Holidays will become tougher, so I’m enjoying everything that I can right now.  By tougher, I mean that for now he doesn’t care that he can’t eat all the sweets that come with Holiday gatherings, but later on I know he’ll start to feel left out and wonder why he can’t participate.  What’s worse, is knowing that I may face some resistance from schools, family, and others about possibly including some non-food treats for things like Halloween, Valentines, and even Easter.  I’m part of a few different groups where several moms have encountered this resistance, and it breaks my heart and I don’t look forward to the day I have to deal with that.  But, with everything, I take this day-by-day.  I don’t know what the future holds, maybe Braxton will be eating by then and we’ll have nothing to worry about! (Wishful thinking, but nothing wrong with having HOPE!)

Regardless, we had the most fantastic day! We woke up early and went to Church, after all, JESUS is the reason for today! Amazing sermon today and Braxton even stayed awake the entire time! He got a little restless and started showing off by standing and cruising along the seats next to us and even bouncing a little bit when he heard the music.  Little man amazes me everyday.  The Easter Bunny did make an appearance after Church and we got a picture although Brax was not amused.

After Church we came home to get ready to head out to visit my sister’s boyfriend’s family’s ranch. (Sufficiently confusing?) Our family doesn’t have many little kids running around anymore, so it was nice to get together with a big family and let the kids hunt for Easter eggs. Aileen had a blast with all that wide open space.  She must have lived on a ranch in a past life…she LOVVESSS the animals! She also made some new friends and everyone got along…annnnd she made out like a bandit in the egg hunt.  Braxton enjoyed exploring the new environment, but quickly went with what he knew best.  He crawled right over to a window to look outside and chew on the window sill.  We took him outside during the egg hunt and let him crawl around on the grass.  We even set some eggs up around him and let him play with him. He was so content.  It was truly a great day and although I am exhausted from this weekend, the smiles on my kid’s faces makes it all worthwhile.


Lots of pictures…of course 😉

And just when I thought it was over, I stepped outside to take the trash out and there was one final surprise. The “real” Easter Bunny paid us a visit!! Found this little guy in our yard…I suppose he just wanted to wish us all a Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, from all of us!

Happy Easter, from all of us!


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Pumpkin Carving Adventures

So last night we finally decided to carve up some pumpkins! I can never get the darn things to keep more than a week so I save the carving for just before Halloween. The kids had so much fun! Aileen and Braxton helped scoop out the “guts” and then Joseph and I carved the designs Aileen picked out. I did also buy a Glow-in-the-Dark painting kit so Aileen could paint a pumpkin, it’s still a work in progress.

Braxton enjoyed crawling around us and using the pumpkin as a teether. Poor kiddo has a mouth full of teeth trying to come through and he’s chewing on everything! Three teeth FINALLY broke through in the past couple weeks, but his gums are still swollen 😦 Anywho, it was fun to have him nearby and engaged. He didn’t seem to mind having his hand in the pumpkin guts either. He played in it a little, but when he started shaking it around mom decided he was done haha Sorry, but we have enough bugs trying to get in, I don’t want pumpkin attracting anything else! (Side Note: I could never truly live in the country. Kyle is just outside Austin and is semi-country so there are a ton of bugs and spiders crawling around. I could only imagine true country living. Gives me the heebie jeebies!! Ick!)

Here’s a look at our pumpkin carving adventure.

P.S. I’m obsessed with collages (if you couldn’t tell) – Photogrid app for iPhone and Android 😉















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