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Hope you all had a spook-tastic Halloween!!! We did! Dad came home from work just in time for some Halloween fun. Braxton retired his Bevo costume and was a Monkey 🙂 Aileen kept her vampire princess costume. (she’s already planning on wearing it again next year. It may “accidentally disappear”) Mom and Dad even dressed up for Halloween. If you watched 90s cartoons you’ll remember “Doug” on Nickelodeon and his alter ego Quailman and his crush Patty Mayonnaise – that’s what we were hahaha so fun!
Trick-or-treaters started at 6:30 and we joined in about 7. Turned off the porch light and walked around the block with the kids. I had NO idea there were sooo many kids in our neighborhood! lot of big kids out trick-or-treating too, Boo! Aileen was so excited and kept running ahead. Joseph pulled Braxton around in a little red wagon 🙂 Came home to a crowd of kids banging on the door despite the lights being off! Crazy kids – Aileen ran up to the door yelling at them “Nobody is at the house!! We have candy over here!” Hahahaha Passed out the rest of our candy and called it a night. Overall, it was a fun night. A nice start to new family traditions 🙂











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