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This blog on our lives – Dad’s thoughts

I very rarely get on here to post my own personal opinions about certain subjects.  I normally let Vanessa do the talking as she is a much better writer than myself.  I can’t begin to thank you enough for showing interest in our son.  I will admit that it is hard to explain to people what is wrong with my son when I feel that there is nothing wrong.  The kid smiles, rarely cries, and is so motivated to learn new things that I don’t see his age, but rather his progress.  This is my first child.  So therefore everything he has done is a blessing.  The kid could barely crawl and now this dude is in the kitchen climbing up the pantry shelves trying to get candy.  Ok, so maybe that last little bit was a lie, but you get my point.  Back to the reason I am writing this blog.  I have seen such a HUGE improvement with Vanessa.  Not at all saying that she was crazy before, well… let’s not get into that PARTICULAR subject haha.  But, I honestly see an improvement on her outlook.  We can turn this unexpected reality into a blessing that no person could have ever imagined.  Her ability to reach out and help other people has just blown me away.   Her knowledge continues to grow on all of Braxton’s conditions.  I feel that I need to my handy dandy notebook around when she talks just in case there is a quiz later on this sermon.  HAHA.  I really mean it when I say thank you to everyone who reads and comments on this blog.  I know she is one dedicated person, especially to my son.  When she was breast feeding she would wake up every 4 hours to pump just so he had the proper nutrition.  This went on for over 9 months.  I was PRAYING for the day that she would be able to sleep longer than 3-4 hours.  She is similar to me in the fact that when we don’t have much sleep and we are hungry…well…Godzilla seems to come out in us and we attack the city.  😀 So when this blog came around I was all for it.  I know her being able to release her emotions and concerns has helped a lot because everyone needs to find some way to release their feelings.  This blended diet has been the best thing for Braxton which proves that formula is not always the best thing for a child.  I recommend it to anyone who is having problems feeding their children without throwing up.  I used to get an evil eye from people that would stare at my son while i feed him with a syringe.  I wanted to stand up and yell out “What are you looking at you ignorant MF!!”  But, then I realized that some people were never taught proper manners and are naive to think that feeding through a tube is so “special.” I honestly am all for the tube.  I think that it is a great thing.  I find out too that this is not uncommon either.   We have gone to meetings where the families talk about losing their son at 4-6 years old from an undiagnosed syndrome. 4-6 years old!!  That is horrible!  I can’t even begin to imagine their pain.  So if my son needs to be feed through a tube for all to see then so be it.  I am finding that is could be much worse so in stead of focusing on the negative, I need to focus on the positive. The kid laughs, smiles, and tolerates more than the average kid and I am proud to say that I am his father.  I fear him going to school and being teased about whatever his condition may be.  Hopefully the tube is out by then, but who knows.  I know his hearing loss is probably from my side of the family as I had hearing problems as a child also.  I know one thing tho, music is in his blood.  As son as I start to play some melody for him on piano he will stop, look, listen, and fall asleep.  I keep getting way off topic which is a very common thing for me.  I apologize.  So with all being said I appreciate all of you guys.  Some of you are old high school friends of mine and some of you are people I have never met.  All I know is that you guys have given Vanessa the strength to carry on in a normal happy life.  I appreciate that and will continue to do anything I can to help our family live as “normal” of a life as possible.  Now that I said that I don’t mean that.  About the “normal” thing.  IF anyone knows me then they know that I am not normal LOL. I just pray that we live the lives that God planned for us to.  There is a reason behind everything even if we don’t see the miracle yet.  So thank you and I hope you continue to keep up to date with these blogs.

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