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Braxton gets his Hearing Aids

Today was the day!! I have to admit, I was hoping that as soon as we put the aids on his little eyes would light up and he’d just start talking away…unfortunately that didn’t happen.  The Audiologist explained everything to me as best she could, but I’m more of a hands-on person. Experience is the best teacher, so it’s going to take some time for us to get the hang of it all.  Hey, I figured out his G-Tube, I’m pretty sure I can handle this too.

So, the entire time we were there waiting Braxton was just as wiggly as he could be! He was sitting in my lap just rocking back and forth and smiling like crazy.  As soon as the audiologist put the aids in, he just stopped.  He could obviously tell something was different, but he didn’t quite know how to react. Luckily, it wasn’t to just start shrieking and crying uncontrollably *whew*  He started looking around and just taking everything in.  Thankfully, he did not immediately grab for his ears and try to pull them out.  I really don’t foresee that being a problem with him, but only time will tell.  We stayed with the audiologist for a little while to make sure I had all my questions answered.  The entire time, Brax was just as wide-eyed as he could be.  Big sister came with us to help take photos and video, but  turns out a 6 year old isn’t the best photographer! There are more pics of herself than Brax on my phone! You can see her handy work below 😉

After the appointment, I had to go back in to work and took him with me to wrap up the day.  He was pretty calm there, just continued to look at his surroundings and really just take everything in.  He even took a little nap and didn’t really startle awake with normal office noise.

Anyway, this is a VERY exciting time for us all! This is the first step in really advancing Braxton’s speech.  Hopefully the aids bring him up to “normal” hearing and we start getting some meaningful words out of him…I can’t waitttt!!! He’s going to be talking up a storm in no time…I’m sure of it!

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“Little man with his hearing aids! I’ll update more later, but we finally got them and he immediately just started looking around. You can def tell he is hearing things he hasn’t heard before and is more aware of his surroundings. I’m super excited for him!! :)”

Here is Braxton and his aids, which are surprisingly much smaller than I thought they would be!

Braxton with hearing aids

Braxton wearing his new Phonak NioS H20 Hearing Aids

A few more pics…mostly taken by a 6 year old haha

For more detailed information on the hearing aids, see this post.

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