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An Ode to Dad

Happy Father's to Braxton's Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to Braxton’s Dad!

Today, we celebrate all of the wonderful fathers in our lives for all the love, support and awesomeness that they bring in to our lives.

Dad is usually the go to guy when it comes to having fun, and in our house it’s no different.  Joseph is definitely the funnier of the pair and he has an amazing ability to keep all of us smiling and laughing.  There is something about watching a man get down on the kids level and act like a complete goofball that makes you fall in love with him all over again, just when you thought you couldn’t love him anymore.

Over the past few years, Joseph has been an amazing stepdad to Aileen, taking her in as his own.  And then when we had a child together, much to our surprise, that child was born with a load of medical issues that would forever change the path we had set forth for ourselves.

There are many men who would have turned and walked away.  It’s a very sad story, but having a child with special needs strains a relationship to the brink of destruction.  And yes, it was difficult for us at times, but from day one, Joseph was there by my side.  He followed the ambulance as Braxton was transported to NICU at another hospital and talked to the doctor as Braxton was admitted.  He held it together when I was falling apart. He heard the doctor say Braxton wouldn’t make it 2 weeks, but held it inside because he knew it would devastate me.  He drove us to the hospital every day and sat with Braxton for as long as I wanted to be there.  He was there when Braxton had his first surgery to get his G-Tube placed holding my hand and telling me it would all be ok.  Scared as we were, he learned everything he needed to take care of Braxton.  Thankfully, with his job, he is home for at least a week at a time and instead of sending Braxton to daycare during that time, he keeps Braxton at home with him.  That extra bonding means the world to both of them and I’m so grateful that I have a man willing to do that. He has such a big heart and is truly an incredible father.

People always tell me how strong I am and ask how I could do all that I do, and the answer is that I don’t do it alone.  Joseph is my other half and it is with him that I am able to do all that I can.  Sometimes he doesn’t get enough credit for being the great dad that he is. He helps me like you wouldn’t believe, whether it’s cooking dinner or doing laundry, or taking Braxton to the doctor so that I can go to work for at least part of the day.  He takes Aileen to practice t-ball, takes her to the park, or just sits and wrestles with her when she wants to be silly.  I may be the face and the writer, but behind the scenes, my partner is equally as awesome.

Today and every day, I am thankful for the man who has been put in my life to be my partner through all the ups and downs life has to give us.  Together, we have faced the most difficult of times and have come out stronger than ever before.  Raising a child with special needs is definitely not easy, but when you have a partner to help you through it all, it sure makes the road a little less bumpy.

So today, I wish Joseph and all the amazing fathers of children with special needs a very Happy Father’s Day! Sometimes you don’t get the credit you deserve, but trust me, it does not go unnoticed.  Mom’s around the world thank you for all that you do. Keep up the great work, dads!

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