Along our journey, we have been fortunate enough to share our story with local news, radio and online publications.  We are so thankful for all of these opportunities to reach out and hopefully help others  walking the same path.  Below you will find links to where our story has appeared.

You can view our personal videos about Braxton on our YouTube Channel at:

TV Appearances

February 2013 – We visited KXAN Austin News to discuss Feeding Tube Awareness Week

For the full story, click here. And you can catch the video from our appearance here:

June 2013 – We returned to KXAN Austin News to give an update on Braxton’s diagnosis, click here to read the story: Parents triumph in toddler’s diagnosis

And watch the video here:

June 2014 – We shared our diagnostic journey with a documentary team in 2013 and once the film was almost to completion, we visited with KVUE to discuss our journey and the documentary. The documentary is seeking funding and is hoping to be completed by early 2015. Read the full story here.



In June of 2013 we were asked to be on the Blog Talk Radio Show, The Healthcare Whisperer, with Hari Khalsa and our friends at U.R. Our Hope. You can listen to the show in it’s entirety right here. 

Online Publications

After our story aired on KXAN, Success Circuit, an online publication also reached out to us for an interview. Here is the link for the story: Braxton’s Journey – A Story of Young Bravery

We were also contacted by The Global Genes Project to share our story with the Rare Disease community.  Here is the piece I submitted which has been featured on their blog: Born with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, Braxton and His Family are Full of Hope



Simply click to vote! It's THAT easy. Then feel free to browse some other really great mommy blogs. Thank you!

Simply click to vote! It’s THAT easy. Then feel free to browse some other really great mommy blogs. Thank you!

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