Post-Op Update

First, my apologies for being a terrible blogger! I haven’t really found the time lately, but I do try to post quick Facebook updates often, so please check there if you don’t see me around here so often. 😉

Braxton looking out the window. Check out that pointer finger!

Braxton looking out the window. Check out that pointer finger!

On to the good stuff. Last week we followed up with Braxton’s ENT to check on him after his Tonsillectomy.  The ENT said Braxton looked great! His throat has healed nicely and his ears looked good as well.  Yay for good news!

Since the surgery, I have noticed Braxton’s babbling has completely stopped.  He used to babble and squeal and make all kinds of noises before his surgery.  I hadn’t heard him babble but maayyybe once or twice and he sounded very hoarse.  I talked to the doctor about it and he said it could be a psychological issue where Braxton was still feeling pain or discomfort.  It could also be a change in his hearing.  The doctor told me to continue monitoring him and if he isn’t back to where he was pre-surgery that we should go ahead with another ABR to make sure his hearing hasn’t worsened.  The hospital is down to one audiologist and scheduling is pretty far out so he went ahead and ordered the test.

Braxton is due for an ABR around August anyway, so that’s what we are going to try for.  Since Braxton is not really able to do a booth test, the audiologist has recommended a yearly ABR until we can get reliable results from the in-office tests.

I think Brax doesn’t like the idea of going under again because as soon as we left the office I heard “mamamama” at the elevator.  Geez. This kid. Sure likes to make a liar out of mom! In the last few days I’ve started to hear an increase in his babbling again which is a good sign.  I was really worried for a couple weeks there.

In May we will follow-up with the sleep doctor who will order another sleep study to check how the surgery has affected Braxton’s sleep apnea.

These are the last 2 little hurdles from the surgery and then we will have all of our annual follow-ups over the summer.

Overall, Braxton is doing really well.  He’s eating again with no problems, his walking and gross motor skills are back on track, and his big smiles are back in full force.

Happy Braxton. Happy Momma. :)

Happy Braxton. Happy Momma. 🙂


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  1. Maureen

    I am soooo glad that Brax is doing well! I checked every day! Glad you are back!!

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