Braxton’s Next Chapter

Today was Braxton’s big day.  I’m not sure why I was so nervous for him, he’s been in daycare since he was 2 months old! Actually, I know exactly why.  Because I’m a mom, and mom’s worry for our kids about everything.  But, today, it was even deeper than that.  I had to trust someone new to take care of my sweet boy.

The decision to enroll your baby in a childcare facility is not one that should be taken lightly.  It is truly a difficult choice to trust someone else with your child. I went back and forth with the decision when we brought Braxton home from NICU.  Ultimately, I knew the extra income would help us in the long run, and that I really wanted Braxton to be included right from the beginning.  I didn’t want to treat him differently here at home or have him treated differently out in the ‘real world,’ so we decided to put him in daycare.  I spoke with so many people before we made our choice, and it was by far the best choice we could have made.

Braxton spent his first 2 years in this particular daycare and the whole staff became so much more than the people who watch my kids.  They became more like friends and family.  They were absolutely the people you would want watching your children if you weren’t going to be able to stay with them all day.  They watched him grow and come to life right before their eyes.  In the beginning, Braxton didn’t do much at all.  He wasn’t even very responsive when we tried to play with him.  Regardless, they loved on him, sang to him, put him next to the mirror, gave him toys, and did everything they would with any other baby.  Eventually, Braxton took off and his personality finally shined through.  When we learned they were closing, I was beyond saddened.  There were lots of tears in his final weeks there.  I am forever grateful to these women for the role they played in my child’s life.

Though my heart is heavy, I am excited to start the next chapter of Braxton’s story.

Braxton and sister ready for their first day!

Braxton and sister ready for their first day!

Today, Braxton started at his new daycare.  I was so nervous about handing my baby over to someone new, but my mommy instinct let me know that he was going to be just fine.  I have heard many wonderful things about this daycare and in speaking with them several times, my mind is at ease and I do trust that this is the best fit for us and that they will take care of him just as I would.

The drop-off went well, as expected.  Braxton has absolutely zero anxiety about new environments.  He immediately crawled around and explored the new classroom.  He quickly found a window and made his way over to try to reach it.  I got everything settled and left all of his supplies with his teacher.  Picked little man up for one more big hug and kiss and off I went to work.

I was sad.

He did so well, and I was nervous for nothing.

We had a therapy session for him this afternoon, so I had to pick him up early.  About an hour before I was supposed to pick him I almost had a heart attack! I was sitting at work and my phone lit up; it was the daycare.  Seriously, my heart stopped.  Thankfully, they were just calling to verify my feeding instructions.  They weren’t sure that they followed them as I had written.  We got everything cleared up and they went on to feed him while I worked and resumed breathing. *whew*

When I arrived to pick him up, his teacher was finishing up his feed and I was able to show her exactly what I meant and how we feed him here at home.  I told her that I was really okay with whatever was easier for her as long as he gets fed and they don’t deviate from his schedule too much.  The kiddos were all down for their nap (including Braxton!) so we were able to chat for a little bit.  She told me that Braxton’s first day was wonderful.  He did so well and they didn’t have any issues at all.  She told me there were a couple other kiddos who were new to the class who had a rough day transitioning, but Braxton took it all in just fine.  That’s our boy! She definitely appreciated our letter as well. 🙂

His teacher reported that Braxton actually spent a lot of time on his feet today and not so much sitting or crawling around.  I must say that I love how the classroom is set up.  Just about everything is within arms reach for Braxton so that he could technically cruise his way through the whole classroom without ever losing a surface to balance on.  Lots of opportunities to work on cruising and transitioning.  He is going to walk so much sooner than we thought! She also told me that Braxton was fixated on the class fish tank.  She watched him check out the fish and try to find a way to bite the tank.  Haha.  She said he stood there for a while trying to bite the front of the tank and moving around looking for the best place to get a grip.  He finally opted for the edge of the tank and was able to get his mouth around the side and the front. Obviously, she stopped him and did not let him chew away, but she did watch his problem solving skills in action.  He was entertaining today to say the least.

Overall, Braxton had a really good first day and my mommy nerves are starting to calm down.  I had to fight the urge to call and check on him every hour, but I did it!   I made it through the day without calling once! (I am soooo glad they called me though!) I’m really looking forward to building a new relationship with this daycare and seeing Braxton reach his full potential.  There is so much going on in his mind right now, I can just tell.  I can see the wheels turning, and I know he’s understanding so much more than we think.  This is definitely the time to jump on that and give him the push that he needs to go to the next level.  I cannot even begin to express how excited I am to see what milestone he hits next.  This is only the beginning of another exciting chapter in the life of Braxton Joseph.  Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it!

Big smile for a great first day of school

Big smile for a great first day of school

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