Braxton’s 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday, Braxton!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Braxton!

Braxton will be 2 years old tomorrow! Today, we had a few friends and family over to celebrate with us. He wasn’t quite himself today though. 😦 I’m not sure if he is coming down with something, or if he was just overwhelmed with everyone. Nevertheless, we had a nice day. We set up an inflatable pool for Aileen and some of her friends. Braxton slept through the first part of his party or he would have been in the pool too! When he finally woke up we did cake and presents. He got lots of goodies!

I still can’t believe Braxton is 2 years old! The past 2 years have been incredible and crazy all at the same time. 2 years ago we were told our son wouldn’t live for 2 weeks and we had no idea what the future held for him and for us. Now, we have a diagnosis, a better idea of what his future might hold, and so much more hope. So many things we thought he would never do, we now see him trying to do and know, that in time, he WILL do them.

At 2 years old, Braxton is developmentally about 10-11 months. He definitely has crawling down! He is all over the place. He is pulling to stand pretty much every chance he gets and will even hold on with one hand, or bend and stoop from standing and get himself back up. If we hold his hands he will take a few steps before he drops down and crawls off instead. He is cruising furniture a little bit and able to transition from one object to another while standing without losing balance. Braxton is still babbling and making a lot of sounds. Just because the research says he won’t talk, doesn’t mean we will stop trying to get him to talk. We talk to Braxton ALL the time, sign to him the signs that we know, sing to him, give him toys that play music and he is responsive! Braxton is even doing really well with the iPad! He used to bang his head on it or try and eat it, and now he is finally using his hands instead of his head or mouth. This is great since we will be considering a communication device for him. It’s so nice to see everything clicking for him.

Happy 2nd birthday, little man! Keep on writing your amazing story, I know you will continue to surprise us all.

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