Preparing for Easter

Cross-Post from sister’s website about our fun preparing for Easter!! It’s been a great weekend! 😉

According to Aileen

We have had so much fun preparing for some Easter fun! Friday I was off of work and Aileen had no school, so we spent all day filling up plastic eggs with candy and then dying hardboiled eggs with Kool-Aid!! A friend suggested a different all natural DIY dye, but I forgot the list of ingredients and couldn’t get my stupid internet to work at the store, so Kool-aid it was.

Aileen had been watching the calendar like a hawk. So much so that she thought Easter was last weekend because the Sunday was split in half and she didn’t understand that it represented the next week.  So all last week she was going around upset and yelling at me that she was going to miss Easter because I didn’t want to let her paint eggs. Sheeesssh!!! Drew out a different calendar for her and finally made her understand she…

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