My Sister is Awesome!

A few weeks ago, I started a second blog for Braxton’s sister, Aileen.  Partially to help curb some of the behavior problems we’ve had recently due to some sibling jealousy(brother has a site, why can’t I), and partially because she’s completely awesome and hilarious and I wanted to post many of her stories, but they didn’t have a place here…now they do! 🙂 You can visit her over at According to Aileen: Life Lessons From My Daughter – Here are a couple posts you should read to see what an amazing sister she is 🙂

World’s Best Big Sister – Aileen playing with Braxton and her deciding to be an advocate for tube feeding without any prompting from mom 🙂

Faith, Hope, and Love  – Our weekend of fun

I know I’ve mentioned it before on this blog that Aileen has been really great with Braxton.  It continues to get better as Braxton gets older and is able to do more with her.  Braxton really enjoys playing with his sister now.  Aileen took over his Sit ‘N Spin yesterday, and as she spun around and made crazy sounds he watched and just laughed and laughed.  We all played catch together, and Aileen played alone with him and let him crawl over her and even helped him work on climbing up the stairs.

This past week was Spring break for Aileen, and Braxton got to join in on some Spring break fun.  We took Aileen to a Jumpy Place and let Braxton sit in a bouncy house while Aileen jumped.   He laughed as she bounced him, but wasn’t too sure what to do, so he just sat in the same place, but it was fun to see them together.  Yesterday, the kids played together and we went to the store to buy some clothes to wear to Church for St. Patrick’s Day and bought a couple movies too.  It’s been a fun weekend 🙂 Now to prepare for the back to school week ahead.

Picture overload of my two little loves enjoying each other:


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  1. Love the picture of his eating her belly lying on top others, great idea to start her own blog!

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