Braxton is 20 months!

It’s been pretty quiet around here appointment wise (thankfully), so quiet I didn’t even change my fridge calendar! Perhaps my own celebration of not having to keep up with appointment after appointment.  The calendar may not have changed, but another month has certainly passed.  I cannot believe that Braxton is now 2o months old. 20 months! Oh. My. Goodness! I already need to start planning his 2nd birthday! He’s mobile this year, so something like a bounce house is actually possible! We had a small party at home for him last year and since he can’t eat, we let him play with his cake.  He totally destroyed it, and he had so much fun.  I definitely think it’s something we will do again this year. 🙂

Demolished the cake!

Demolished the cake!

At 20 months, Braxton is crawling everywhere…and I do mean everywhere!  One minute he is in the living room, the next he is in the kitchen staring out the patio window.  I block him from the patio and he’s now discovered there is another window in the front room, so he goes there instead.  Smart kiddo!

Braxton also thinks he is a woodchuck.  He chews on EVERYTHING!! Poor kiddo has teeth coming in veryyy slowly, so naturally he is looking for relief.  He chews on anything he can get his mouth on (except for teething rings – he’ll chew anything but), so we go through lots of 409 and Lysol making sure everything is clean so if he happens to “taste” it, at least it’s not dirty or full of germs.  I think this is definitely something to do with sensory seeking, but I’m not really sure how that fits in to everything or what it really means for him.  I just know it’s a way for him to “know” and “discover” his surroundings.

Walking is not far away! I’m hopeful that Braxton will be walking by his 2nd birthday…that’s our goal.  He is doing better about cruising around the table.  He can easily get himself up to a standing position and back down.  He’s even getting brave and letting go and holding on with one hand or barely at all.  He will walk while holding our hands too.  We finally bought him some shoes too! 🙂

Exhausted after a long day of practicing walking...check out those sweet kicks! ;)

Exhausted after a long day of practicing walking…check out those sweet kicks! 😉

Eating is still a work in progress.  We’ve had very little success, but he is at least tolerating it now instead of completely refusing everything we offer him.  With his G-Tube he is still gaining weight appropriately, so we will just continue to work with him on eating.  He WILL get there eventually, I know he will!

There are also LOTS of new sounds! Braxton’s babbling has taken off.  He had ‘ma’ ‘ba’ ‘da’ ‘na’ down and I’ve now heard some ‘ga’ ‘la’ ‘ya’ ‘ti’ ‘ah’ sounds.  My day with him sounds something like, “babamamama dadada balababa ga ti ti ti yayayaya ahhhhh *loud shriek* bababbaba” We talk to him all day and repeat the sounds to him, make sure we name everything we do and show him.  We’re even learning some sign language and trying to teach him so that hopefully he picks up one or the other just so he can communicate with us.

He’s also much more playful now!  He is actively engaged, focused, and truly entertained.  We can sit and roll a ball with him for about 20 minutes before he loses interest.  He is practicing some excellent turn-taking skills (which are a pre-cursor to language) and so many other little things that are so important to his overall development.  I’m really excited every day for all the new things he is learning.   Here is Braxton playing catch with his Physical Therapist and Speech Therapist. 🙂


Look forward to all of the awesome things he’ll be doing next month!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Continued blessing to Braxton and the family. I’m truly glad he’s moving forward. May God bless you all.

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