Baby Steps

It’s been a pretty good week for us and little by little Braxton is continuing to make progress.  He’s crawling like crazy! One minute he’s at my feet and the next he’s in another room. He’s fascinated by everything around the house. He loves to go to the windows and pull the curtains back and forth. I’m constantly moving him back so he doesn’t pull them down! These days sound something like…”Braxton, get down – Braxton don’t touch that – No sir! – Braxton come here!” Hahaha we’re really in for it. He’s starting to really try to pull up on things to stand. He can get to a kneel and he pushes up on his feet but can’t quite stand up yet. It’s only a matter of time though!

We continue to work with our speech therapist to get Braxton eating again.  The periactin seems to have at least gotten Brax to be able to tolerate a full 8 ounce feed every 4 hours and he’s eating a little by mouth.  We’re really trying to work through the aversion he’s developed so just little by little introducing things by mouth. Basically starting over like we did when we started solids several months ago.  He’s making some progress though.  We started using a Z-Vibe with our therapist which has been working great! We decided to go ahead and purchase one ourselves to continue making forward progress.  The Z-Vibe is a vibrating handle with interchangeable tips to help with feeding and oral motor stimulation.  One of the tips is a textured spoon and with Braxton still teething he’s done really well with it.  He definitely likes the vibration and the texture against his gums and is eating with it too.  Our personal Z-Vibe came in today! I tried it for his afternoon feed and got him to eat a little less than an ounce! Considering we’ve only been able to get him to take about 5 bites, this is really exciting!! He’s taken about half an ounce or a little more with the speech therapist too, so it looks like we’re making progress.  🙂

Also trying to get a handle on the Gastric Dumping, so we’ve started to monitor blood sugar levels throughout the day too.  We went last week to to see the Endocrinologist to get a Glucose Monitor and learned to use it. Just one more step in his feeding process.  Didn’t think I’d be able to poke him so much to get his readings, but he doesn’t seem to fuss about it too much thankfully. We also followed up with the Audiologist this week to get new ear molds made for Braxton’s Hearing Aids as he is continuing to grow. She adjusted the volume levels on the aids too and it seems like he’s already responding better!

Baby steps add up to giant leaps. May not seem like much now, but with every step Braxton makes he gets closer and closer to every goal in place.

Today was picture day at daycare 🙂

Always so serious


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  1. Stephanie

    Awww that is amazing! He is such a big boy!

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