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Yayyyy!!! Braxton did it!!

Just a quick post to announce…


Soooo exciting!! I sat him down and next thing I know he crawled FORWARD over to a nearby toy. I moved him back and watched him do it again. I did it at least 5 times hahah I am so incredibly proud of little man! Sent the video to his speech and PT and PT supervisor and they’re all so proud of him too.

What a great day!

So Proud

Messages from all of Brax’s therapists on his new milestone 🙂

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Sunday Funday!

The rain ALMOST spoiled our plans for today. It was pouring down rain this morning and I came pretty close to staying home instead of going to Church like I wanted.  Seems like there’s always something holding me back, so I made the choice to go despite the rain. Besides, a little rain never hurt anyone, right?

Well, I am SO thankful I went! We went to PromiseLand Church in San Marcos just down the road from us.  Joseph and I have been talking about going back to Church and with the move we finally decided now was the time. I spent some time researching churches nearby and found one we could try. Then, I remembered one of my very good friends had mentioned the Church she goes to now had a location South. When I learned it was in San Marcos, I visited the website and stumbled across the link for a blog the pastor set up for his special needs daughter, Made Meaningful. I read just about every post and the tears just kept streaming. I was so moved and so inspired, I knew this is the connection we needed to help us through this journey.  As I mentioned in a previous blog [He qualifies the called], Joseph and I wholeheartedly believe God has been present in our lives since Braxton’s birth. It’s high time for us to re-connect with Him and thank Him for the many blessings bestowed upon us.

Got up, got dressed, got the kids dressed and off we went. The music was great, the sermon was great, the people were great. Aileen went to a class with other kids and Braxton stayed with me in Church. He did really well. Actually, fell asleep about halfway through. Lots of people stopped to comment on Braxton and how cute he was [it’s the eyelashes I tell ya. He’s gonna be a heartbreaker.] When I went to get Aileen from class, I noticed a sign…”Special Needs” above a classroom in the student center. I peeked in and saw the pastor’s wife and daughter. I was thrilled. Thrilled that a Church actually had a designated area for special needs children and thrilled to have the chance to speak to the pastor’s wife, Erica. As I told her how we found the Church and their story and told her about Braxton and our story, something just broke inside me and tears just started rolling. I have no idea why, but I just cried. I pulled myself together and spoke with her for a minute  and met their 3 children and then we went back over to the Church to meet her husband, Pastor Robin.  They are such nice people and I really look forward to  being a part of the church and getting to know them and everyone there!

After Church, I promised to take Aileen to a fishing event, and it was so fun! It was sponsored by Core Health Alliance and they were raising money to actually build an accessible fishing pier on Lady Bird Lake to make fishing accessible for all. They had several community booths set up for information on making homes accessible and other fun things like Frozen yogurt stands, taco stand, local radio station booth, and of course an area for fishing. They had a large pool set up with catfish and allowed kids to try and catch the fish and then release them back in to the pool. Poor Aileen, it took FOR-EV-ERRRR!!! But, she finally caught a fish! She was so excited. Once the kids caught a fish there was a booth set up to give out fishing trophies and free fishing poles. You would have thought Aileen won a true fishing tournament. She was extremely excited to get a little ol’ plastic fish trophy.  She had so much fun and to see her eyes light up with excitement really made it all worth it.  It’s amazing how we as adults forget to be thankful for the little things.

Overall, it’s been a GREAT day! We’ve had so much fun this weekend! Now, to prepare for the week. Aileen has to get ready for school tomorrow and Braxton has a few appointments this week. Tomorrow we see GI to finally get the results from the Gastric Emptying Scan and hopefully some more answers as to why Brax isn’t eating. Wednesday we follow up with the ENT to check on Braxton’s ear tubes and then we see the Orthopedic doctor for the first time to rule out any hip/spine issues that could cause any issues later on.  Check back for updates and hope you all have a great week too!! 🙂


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Happy Saturday!

A happy Saturday it has been indeed!! The kids were both wide awake at 7:25am and mom never stood a chance.  I definitely miss sleeping in, but waking up to the cutest smiling faces takes the sting out of being up so early.  We played laying down in bed for a little while before we actually got up and moving. Because, no matter how cute those smiles are, this mom isn’t jumping out of bed at 7:25am!! Hahaha

We did meet up with the U.R. Our Hope group at Iron Cactus for some delicious lunch and great conversation about this journey we are all on.  I love the support that we have from friends and family, but it really is something else when you can talk to people who share your experiences. It was really nice to talk to other people and meet other kiddos in our boat.  We also got to see our Speech therapist and Physical Therapist’s supervisor. They’re so wonderful. I love them so much and they genuinely care for Braxton. I love people who work with kids and actually have a passion for the kids and aren’t just present for a paycheck. I’m so fortunate.

Welp, my football game didn’t go so well to say the least. Time got away from us at the restaurant and I missed the entire game. It was probably for the best haha Upset about the loss, but not nearly as much as I would be if I had seen the game!

We got home and spent the afternoon playing at home and watching some TV. It’s so fun to be able to interact with Braxton. I love that he can respond and play with us. Rain has been off and on all day, so looks like it’s dinner time and then we’ll cuddle up and watch a movie until bedtime. I hope the rain doesn’t spoil our plans for tomorrow!

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Fun Times Ahead!

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!!! Fun-filled weekend planned for myself and the kiddos. Dad is working, so it’s just us.

Today, we will be attending a luncheon with U.R. Our Hope at Iron Cactus – yum! – Since I’ve finally worked up the courage to share Braxton’s story, I figure it’s time now to start getting more involved with organizations for special needs children or kids with rare/undiagnosed syndromes like Braxton. I think all this time worrying about Braxton, I didn’t realize MY own NEED to find people who can empathize and know exactly what it’s like to be in our shoes. “You waited HOW LONG to see that Dr?” “OMG, Me TOO!!” I didn’t realize how important those conversations are to help me through my frustrations. I’m very excited to start paying it forward and finding more ways to be involved. 🙂

Then, as you know, mom is a UT graduate so there’s this little ol’ rivalry game today, so after the luncheon we’re rushing home to catch the rest of the game. Hook ’em Horns! \\m// hehe

Tomorrow, I am planning to take the kiddos to check out a new Church since we’ve moved. I did a little research and turns out the pastor of that church has a daughter with special needs [I believe she has a form of hydrocephalus – water on the brain] so again, I think it will be good for us to find some additional guidance through our journey from people who have shared our experiences. Looking forward to it!

After Church, I found out about an event close to downtown Austin for special needs kids. There will be fishing in Lady Bird Lake and other games/entertainment. Hoping it doesn’t rain so I can take the kids!

Probably will be pretty exhausting, but should be tons of FUN for the kids and I – and that is totally worth it! 🙂




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Ready, Set, Goooo!

I know I’ve said this before, but Braxton is making significant strides toward becoming mobile.  So exciting for us and him! He is fully able to get himself sitting from laying down on his back, rolling both ways, he can get himself in to a crawling position either from laying or sitting, he can even get himself back into a sit from a crawling position! He’s definitely mastered the crawling backwards which is developmentally the correct order he should be doing things. That means forward crawling isn’t far away! We’ve been able to get him to crawl forward a few “steps,” and you can see in his face he knows what to do, but he just can’t seem to communicate that to his big ol’ thighs to move forward haha So just backward movement for now.  It’s great though, to be able to see him get from point A to point B with intent.  I even caught him trying to pull himself up on the couch to stand. He got as far as kneeling then didn’t know where to go from there. Uh-oh, he’s reading to run. I can’t wait! 🙂 I forgot what it was like to have a mobile little one running around since big sis is 6 now. Lay Brax down, go to the kitchen to get his feed ready, come back 5 minutes later and he’s on the other side of the room haha, I love it! He’s getting pretty quick at rolling and scooting backwards.  For a kid who wasn’t supposed to make it out of the hospital, he’s come so far and is doing so great. Extremely proud of our little man. Keep it up, Braxton!!


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