Moments We Live For

As a parent, it’s usually a constant battle to get your kids to get along, but in the rare moments that they do, it’s absolute heart-warming bliss! The moments may be far and few between, but I know that every parent lives for these moments and carry them with us always.  Aileen and Braxton are just now truly beginning to interact with one another and it’s so awesome to finally get to see that.  Braxton’s developmental delay is about 4-5 months and with his hearing loss he isn’t speaking very much at all so when big sister tries to talk to him or play with him he doesn’t react all the time.  In the last couple of weeks he’s responding to her much better.  Aileen can play with a toy with him or make silly noises and he’ll just laugh and laugh…truly the sweetest sound ever. And now that he’s crawling she can really get down and play with him and let him chase her around. So fun!

The kids and Me

Mommy and her two little loves ❤

Last night was one of those fortunate nights.  🙂 I had the kids in my bedroom watching a movie before bed, Aileen and Braxton were just in their own little world.  At one point Aileen had Braxton COMPLETELY busting up in laughter. Thank goodness for technology! Gone are the days you have to hunt down a video camera and by the time you find it the moment has passed…whipped out my phone and captured several videos of Aileen getting Braxton to laugh. Good belly laughs too! Edited them together for a video that’s sure to put a smile on your face!!

Enjoy! 😀

And then they fell asleep…

Sleepy Heads

Worn out after playing together

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