Happy Saturday!

A happy Saturday it has been indeed!! The kids were both wide awake at 7:25am and mom never stood a chance.  I definitely miss sleeping in, but waking up to the cutest smiling faces takes the sting out of being up so early.  We played laying down in bed for a little while before we actually got up and moving. Because, no matter how cute those smiles are, this mom isn’t jumping out of bed at 7:25am!! Hahaha

We did meet up with the U.R. Our Hope group at Iron Cactus for some delicious lunch and great conversation about this journey we are all on.  I love the support that we have from friends and family, but it really is something else when you can talk to people who share your experiences. It was really nice to talk to other people and meet other kiddos in our boat.  We also got to see our Speech therapist and Physical Therapist’s supervisor. They’re so wonderful. I love them so much and they genuinely care for Braxton. I love people who work with kids and actually have a passion for the kids and aren’t just present for a paycheck. I’m so fortunate.

Welp, my football game didn’t go so well to say the least. Time got away from us at the restaurant and I missed the entire game. It was probably for the best haha Upset about the loss, but not nearly as much as I would be if I had seen the game!

We got home and spent the afternoon playing at home and watching some TV. It’s so fun to be able to interact with Braxton. I love that he can respond and play with us. Rain has been off and on all day, so looks like it’s dinner time and then we’ll cuddle up and watch a movie until bedtime. I hope the rain doesn’t spoil our plans for tomorrow!

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