Annnnnndd they’re off!!

Followed up with the hand surgeon today, and Braxton got his bandages off!!! Yayyyyy!! He was definitely happy to have his hands back.  He kinda sat in the office for a minute not knowing what to do. He held his hands up like he expected his freedom to be short lived and have bandages back on his hands.  But doc came in and took a look and said everything is healing well and it was ok to keep the bandages off.  He did say we should maybe put a sock on his hand if he’s going to be crawling around too much. Brax is good to resume all therapies without restrictions too, so I’m happy we can get back to work on getting him mobile!

As soon as we got home we let Braxton lay on the floor and he immediately flipped himself on to his tummy and popped right up on his hands up on all fours. 🙂 He’s still very determined to start crawling soon.  We let him play on all fours until he wore himself out. He’s so happy to have his hands free again. He doesn’t seem to be in too much pain….for now! He should be completely healed up in another week or so.  Exciting!!

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