Dad’s thoughts on Braxton

Hi all, Joseph here.  Vanessa has been telling me that I needed to blog something about Braxton so the world can have an idea my stand point on the matter.  First of all, I am thankful to have Vanessa as a mother.  She took such good care of herself during the pregnancy so I know that she did everything she could.  I mean the baby came out weighing over 8 pounds!  I will not lie, having a special needs child is rough and most people at my work do not understand, that on my week off, IT’S MY WEEK OFF!  They still call every week just about to ask if I can come in on rig move since it’s the new “rule.”  Granted, I want to move up to become a rig manager so I can provide for my family even more, but to be bounced around with the hope of becoming one is beginning to take a toll on the relationship with my family.  It’s been over 3 months that I have had my replacement in training, but still no word from my higher ups about the promotion.  They don’t see that every week Braxton has 2 home appointments of physical therapy, speech therapy, OT, vision therapy, and after all that we have our weekly check ups with our GI, Pediatrician, Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, and many more.  So roughly every day of every week we have 2-3 appointments so rescheduling all those because of a rig move can become quite the hassle.

On the other hand, I am also starting to get recognition as a DJ/event holder in the Austin area.  I could do shows every week if I had the time, but I see the toll it takes on Vanessa and our family so I try and space them out to be considerate of her feelings.  I love music.  I have been dreaming of doing shows since I was a little kid so I try and even mix all genres to make everyone happy.  Music is a way for me to release myself.  Whether it’s making a new song, doing a gig, recording a new beat, or just helping set up a show makes me feel accomplished, and I feel that everyone should do something like that in their life because it helps you find a brighter outlook on life.  Not saying that I am depressed or life sucks, just saying that if you have a passion for something in life, that you should do it no matter what.  I’m not saying to just drop everything and do it, the only time you should do that is if you are fishing and Jesus says to drop your nets and follow me.  LOL.  That is a true story by the way.

Anyways, what I am saying is that a real man provides for his family, loves his family, which in return reflects that he in fact loves himself too.  If I was to grind all night and day and hate my life then what message would I show to my children besides the fact that “Dad hates his job, hates working, and is always mad?”  I feel (and this is just my opinion) that you should chase your dreams.  It is better to fall short trying than to sit at home 25 years later and think “what if?”   That is why I am glad that we have so many doctors who are in our corner trying to help us get the best help that we need so Braxton can grow up and chase his dreams.  I also am glad that Vanessa has a job where she can rearrange her schedule to compensate for Braxton’s needs.  I wish I could do the same, but the fact is that when on a rig, you are there for the entire hitch.  I am thankful that Vanessa can handle so much because I do not know what I would do without my “ride or die” girl (haha).  She gets onto me a lot about things but I guess in every relationship, it is healthy to fight.  We both hold firm to our opinions and will fight to the death for them (so to speak).  I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else besides her.   I love my son no doubt, I guess I have so much ambition inside of me to do new things, try new things, and acquire new things that I overlook some obstacles I am causing.  I am a proud father, whether Braxton gets a 400 on his SATs or a 1400 I will still love him to the fullest.  Honestly, I see how other kids his age are grabbing everything, acting crazy, screaming, whining when the parent leaves the room, and I am thankful that Braxton is so well behaved.

Braxton can hear without his hearing aids, he is not deaf, but at least the boy is so chill.  I know he does NOT get that from me HAHA.  I knew he could hear something before we got the hearing aids because when he would be cranky I would put some of my instrumentals on and he would just sit there completely quiet and listen.  He really likes my MPC (beat pad) because he kinda jumps and laughs/smiles every time he pushes the button and it makes a different sound.   With his hearing aids in now, I haven’t had the chance to try and play some more with him with it, but I’m sure he will enjoy it. I hope that if there is any family struggling with the same type of child that they find hope.  We are proud to have Braxton as our son, he is not behind, he is just simply taking his time and enjoying the scenery as he goes 🙂 Ok so that is a enough of random rambling from me .  I do appreciate everyone’s support and love.



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2 responses to “Dad’s thoughts on Braxton

  1. Keep doing you, bruh. Salute.

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