Home…Safe and Sound

After we spoke with the audiologist we were taken to the recovery room to see Brax.  The nurses were still waking him up from the anesthesia and monitoring his vitals.  As we sat there with him and holding him we managed to get a few smiles out of him even though he was still pretty groggy.  His hands are completely bandaged, and he can’t do anything with them. That means no weight bearing so there goes all the crawling progress =/ Maybe it won’t set him back too far.  His cough was still pretty bad and the nurses said they were able to suction out a lot of mucous from his chest while he was under, so hopefully that helps him.  We stayed in the recovery room for about 30 minutes then got moved to another room to prep for discharge.

In the second room they continued to monitor his vitals, but he was pretty much awake and just laughing and smiling away with us.  We put his hearing aids back in and he was just happy as could be.  His vital signs remained consistent so they took him off the monitors.  We gave him about 2 ounces of pedialyte just to see if he’d keep it down.  After about 10 minutes, they went ahead and took the IV out since he kept the pedialyte down.  We were given our discharge instructions and they finally let us go home.  Overall, everything happened much faster than anticipated.  I thought we were gonna be there forever!  We were released with a medication for Brax so we picked that up on the way home.

Now, we are finally home and Braxton is resting safe and sound. 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes!

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  1. So Glad it went well he looks great hope recovery is quick

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