Hearing Aids

So Braxton has been diagnosed with Mild to Moderated Bilateral Mixed Hearing Loss.  Thankfully, the audiologist at Dell who did his ABR says that he can get just about normal hearing with the help of some hearing aids.  This was in May.  Here we are 3 months later and no hearing aids! This in itself has been a mess.  We tried to get set up through our regular ENT who has an audiologist in store, but with our insurance we had to go to a special clinic.  Well that clinic doesn’t work with kids under 2, so they had a big process about making an exception for him.  We went in mid-July to order hearing aids and get molds done of the inside of his ear so the cushion for the aid could get made. We were supposed to pick them up 2 weeks ago.  We got a call that the warehouse somehow lost or never got the molds so we had to do them again.  They said they could be sent via FedEx, but the fee could not be waived.  Joseph decided we should just pay out of pocket to be sure they come in this time, and if not, at least we’d have a tracking number this time.  We go back to the Doctor’s office tomorrow to pick them up *hopefully*

I’m really very anxious to get them.  Up until now, Braxton hasn’t really said any meaningful words.  He’s babbling and cooing like he’s supposed to, but we’re really unsure what he can hear.  The audiologist said he can probably hear when he’s right in front of us, but most likely not from across the room.  Can’t wait to see his face when he can finally hear mom talking to him 🙂

Hopefully he takes off speech wise now too.  So much to look forward to with this next step!

[For update and additional information on the hearing aids, see this post.]

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